the new dramaturgy

The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre is pioneering the use of advanced technologies to develop a new theater for the 21st century. Our productions and arts education programs emphasize international collaborations and the merger of performance vocabularies from a variety of media. Our work in these areas has led to new opportunities for expanding the function of theater dramaturgy, as stage artists search for and develop new models for performance using interactive study guides on global performance techniques like Chinese Opera and Indian Dance, and multi-lingual databases for the performing arts. Our productions merge camera and film editing techniques are employ theatrical lighting and mobile projections to create characters, sets, and scripts. GSRT's creative team consists of anunorthodox combination of stage directors, video editors, stage actors, art directors, directors of photography, animators, costume designers, and computer programmers. GSRT's distance learning courses utilize interactive textbooks, global teams of educators, and one-on-one interaction with artists and masters of the performing arts through video conferencing links.